Kione Than (kionethan) wrote in thug_love,
Kione Than

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another day

today was stupid..skipped school yesterday hopefully ill do it 2 morow also. I have a 2 yr old daugther. and im only 14 u do the math. almost 15 in febraury. damn cant spell. well wasnt able to get high or drink or smoke today aint that fucked up? well i think i have sex to much but i dont care, at least i iant loose. lol well my daugthers name is Aimee Lee thats her whole first name. yeah well her dad is ok i guess he's there when its need be.. yeah today was fucked up sumbody ratted on me in skol i had school. i needs to drop out. i already got a kid that has lung and heart failures. but actually shes getting quite better. i love ya baby. she's hopefully gonna make it..but ive been tellin ppl she was dead so that they wouldnt ask em to many questions but shes alive and doing well. and yeah my life is a bitch. had a baby at 12 and am almost 15.
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