Hyber nation?

Yo, this place is pretty much either dead, or jus' hybernating...But I thought I'd shead some light mutha fucka's...So here is a link to a dope ass Ghetto lil' site that I found pretty fuckin' funny, considering I was every-single-thing on tha fuckin' list-or at least knew people that was...Anyway herres' tha link... also, I hear Dave Chappelle's show is comin' back fo' a third season....Sort of, if ya'll all care. I'm Rick James Bitch!!!- RED
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What up i'm new on live journal but i'm from tha "D" 4 those who dont kno thats detroit aka tha murda capitol so that means i got a whole lot of stories about crazy shit that pop off in tha hood (eastside). Hit up my LJ page to get more info about me and i need some new friends!!
SENIORS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! C/O 2006
--- and somebody please tell me what a tag is!!
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funny things from tha suburbs...

me an mah homegurl live in suburbia..tha most boring place on earth cept on a few occasions. we're chillen and walkin up to tha 7-11..well, two lil kids ride up on their low rider bikes and tell us " you guys are posers! check out our ghetto ass bikes!" and roll away. so obviously dey think they're ghetto cause when we get to tha 7-11 they're talkin shyt about bein bloods and go "flash me tha damn sign" and dey go " POSER! why would we have a sign??
*dies laughing*
i guess suburbia can be interesting..
anyone agree?
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ay, im new

what's up?
im di, 15, 5'3 and lovin tha thug life. not too many people where i live really "live" tha thug life so im glad i found a community that does. i mean, mtv ripped off everything and now i see all these fools thinkin dey ghetto cause dey say FO REAL DAWG! and cause ima girl i get a lot of shit for bein thug in mah school. well, im bad at introducing myself, but hopefully i didn't do too bad.
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